Monday, April 18, 2011

Another day off

Yesterday I ran inside again. I did about 3 and a half miles and then my ankle started getting sore. I think on Sat when I was moving dirt with my brother I twisted my ankle a little more then I thought. I decided I would take it a little easier today and then see how I felt tomorrow. Should be doing some capoeira with a friend in the evening too so I might just do a nice easy run outside if the weather is nice.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Yay snow...

So it snowed a tad last night, so I went and ran inside again. I showed up like 20 mins before they closed (early on sat.), so I was only able to run about 15 mins. I did 3x4 laps (each lap is 1/7 of a mile) before I had to go. So almost 2 miles wasn't to bad. I was still pretty warmed up so I did another 3 laps on the outdoor track. That was a bit cold, but it was good. More tomorrow, hope the weather is nicer.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Feeling Good Today

So after feeling so crappy yesterday and cutting my run a bit short, I was planning for a quick run and then some martial arts a little later. The martial arts plans fell through, so I went and did the run anyway.

The weather was kinda crumby so I ran inside on the indoor track here. Its a lot smaller so it ends up being 1 mile is 7 laps. The math gets funky when your trying to run 400m at a time so I ended up doing 2 laps in place of 400m, 4 laps in place of 800m, and 8 laps in place of 1600m (and ya I know, 7 laps would be a mile, but it was just easier on my brain to work it like this..).

I stuck with my three 2x400m, 1x800m routine, which ended up being 2x2 laps (457m), 1x4 laps (914m).
After the last 1x4 I was feeling good so I just kept going for another 8 laps. After that I did another 2x2 and 1x4 and then this is were it got fuzzy... lol I think I either did another 2x8 (for 2 more 'miles') or I did another 2x2 and 1x4 and then another 1x8 for a total of 48-50ish laps. Did one walking cool down lap, but all in all I did about 7 miles. Total run time without the walking lap was 58:12, so average of 8:30 per mile

Maybe a leisure run tomorrow or something.. well see... And maybe I can convince someone to join me on one of these interval runs over the weekend.... *cough* 

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Nice easy day...

Today I wasn't feeling so good so I just ran 3 miles. I did 3 sets of 2x400 and 1x800. The first set I did an average of 1:40 per lap (400 meters), second one about 1:45 per lap and third one around 1:55. Total running time (not including breaks between intervals) was 22 minutes and change.

Planning for a quick run tomorrow and then some martial arts to change things up a bit.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Monday, April 11, 2011

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Only Easy Day Was Yesterday

So yesterday I did a quick 2 mile run. Nothing over the top or anything, but I ran it in like 18 minutes. There was a few hills here and there so that kinda slowed me down a bit. Hopefully if it doesn't rain later I'll run more today like I was originally planning, but the weather hasn't been very motivating.. to say the least.

Ill see what I can find as far as starting from nothing for those interested in starting from scratch on running.