Saturday, April 9, 2011

Combo Post 2...

Tues Apr 5:
I decided to stick with the loose 400m, 400m, 800m x3 idea. Today I tried out 180 BPM. I found that 190 felt a tad uncomfortable and 170 felt good, but I thought I could go a little faster tempo wise. 180 fit well I thought.

For the 400m's I did 180 and then the 800m's I did 160 (though I might have done 170, I changed up the music to put the 180 on and Im not sure if I left the 160 ot 170). Did roughly 90 secs of rest between intervals and then around the last 800 I think I ended up doing a 1600m because I got a second wind or something and then I did a few more run/walk laps as cool down.

So all in all I think total distance was > 4 miles, so distance wise I think I'm doing okay. Maybe this weekend do a longer run instead of interval, but I hope to do at least 1 more interval run like this before the weekend.

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