Saturday, April 9, 2011

Combo Post 1...

So because I'm bored the comments to this will be sorta my running blog...
To start it off, Sat, Apr 2, I ran roughly 14 laps at different BPMs (beats per min, or tempo of music) varying from 160, 170, and 190. Mostly did two 400m at 190 or 170 (depending on how I was feeling) and then one 800m at 160. I was able to borrow a stop watching and started off with a fast 1:3x - 1:4x for the first 2 laps and i think somewhere around 1:5x for the 800m. I would rest about 90 -180 seconds in between each 400 (or 800). I repeated this roughly 2 more times and then I think i finished with a 1600m run/walk varying from 160 and 170. Overall felt pretty good. I think I ended up averaging around 2:1x for laps all in all. I think (if i can get a stopwatch consistently) I will try shooting for 1:45 laps.

Overall I'm very loosely following a interval (or repeat or whatever you wanna call it) workup run workout so don't look for any consistency until I find something that I start liking. 

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