Saturday, April 9, 2011

Combo Post 3...

Thurs Apr 7:
Another day of interval runs. It was prett windy from the SE so the back stretch felt really slow. Overall I'm pretty happy with my times still.

Mile 1 (est. 8:00):
1x400 - 1:4x
1x400 - 1:4x
2x800 - 1:5x

Mile 2 (est. 8:0x:
1x400 - 1:5x
1x400 - 1:5x
2x800 - 2:0x

Mile 3 (est. 8:15):
1x400 - 1:5x
1x400 - 2:0x
2x800 - avg 2:0x/lap

Mile 4 (est. 8:35):
1x1600 - avg 2:1x/lap

1x400 - 3:30 (walk)

Mile 5 (est. 8:20):
2x800 - avg 2:0x/lap

Mile 6 (est 9:10):
1x1600 - avg 2:15/lap

Total run/walk time (6.25 miles): 51:38 (avg - 8:26/mile)
Total run time (6 miles): 49:08 (avg - 8:17/mile)

So all in all total run distance was 6 miles with 30-60 sec breaks between the distances. After the 3rd mile I was feeling fine, just my legs were getting kinda tired. Maybe shoot for a road/trail run this weekend to break up the track circles. Once my legs stop being tired (hopefully after a few more runs) I should be good to go for the 10k me thinks...


  1. i just got into interval runs, they really improve my endurance.

  2. Wow. That's impressive. All I have to do is short distances, like a mile or three miles, and sprints. Lots of sprints.

  3. Damn.... I wish those were my results! godda get off the couch :(

    You think you could make a "tutorial" on how to start running? a really tough thing for me to do!

    looking forward to it :3

  4. i have 0 endurance. you make me want to get off my ass.

  5. Thats one hell of a workout. I need to get into better shape. Hah.